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Office: 148 East 2nd Street
Drop-off Depot: 29 Riverside Drive
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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About Us

The North Shore Recycling Program (NSRP) is the Recycling and Waste Reduction Department for the City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, and District of West Vancouver. We manage a number of recycling services for North Shore residents - Single-Family Blue Box Recycling, Multi-Family Blue Cart Recycling, Green Can/Yard Trimmings Collection for single-family homes, a Recycling Drop-off Depot and Community Education Programs.

Our philosophy is to offer comprehensive, cost-effective recycling services to our residents, and to only collect those materials which have a stable, guaranteed market into which to sell the materials.

Our Vision

As a tri-municipal agency, we will engage the North Shore to achieve minimum waste generation and maximum waste diversion.

While recycling is important, we realize it's only part of the solution. There's a lot we can all do to reduce the amount of garbage we have to deal with in the first place.  How?  By considering the other three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Rethink. There are countless ways to reduce your impact, from refusing excess packaging to recycling all of your paper to only buying what you truly need and renting or borrowing the rest.

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