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Office: 148 East 2nd Street
Drop-off Depot: 29 Riverside Drive
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Banned Items

North Shore Recycling Program Tire Recycling

Some items are no longer accepted as garbage and must be recycled:

  • Any material currently recyclable in the curbside Blue Box Program
  • Any material currently recyclable in a BC Product Stewardship Program
    • Biomedical waste
    • Construction / renovation materials (e.g. drywall, lumber, etc.)
    • Large appliances & metal items
    • Furniture
    • Animal carcasses / animal waste
    • Yard trimmings, grass sod, rocks

    The items listed above are banned from disposal. If included in your garbage, your garbage may not be collected.

    For more information about garbage bans, visit metrovancouver.org