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Be Bear Smart

bear 4Bears travel extensively in search of food, and it’s normal for them to pass through residential neighbourhoods on the North Shore. The best way to prevent a bear from stopping in your backyard is to manage attractants responsibly – if bears do not find food, they will move on.

Feeding bears, even unintentionally, is against the law in BC according to Section 33.1 of the Wildlife Act.

You can minimize human-bear conflict by working with your neighbours to follow these guidelines:

Garbage, Recycling, and Green Can:

  • Store your garbage, recycling and green can in the house, garage, shed or bear-resistant enclosure until the morning of collection.
  • Freeze or refrigerate meat, fish, bones and plate scrapings until collection day.
  • Place your garbage, recycling and green can curbside the morning of collection, not the night before.
  • Designate only one green can for food scraps. Note that food scraps will not be accepted curbside in paper yard trimmings bags.
  • Wrap your food scraps in newspaper or paper bags to reduce odours and to keep your green can cleaner.
  • Layer food scraps and food soiled paper with yard trimmings in your green can when possible.
  • Remove food residue from jars and cans before recycling.
  • Wash your curbside containers with a mild soap or a vinegar and water solution to reduce odours.
  • Keep diapers inside in an odour-free container until placing in your garbage can on the morning of collection.
  • Consider purchasing a bear-resistant storage container. For information about recommended products visit northshorebears.com or call 604.317.4911.

    Managing Other Bear Attractants

    • Bird feeders: Remove birdfeeders during bear season or make them inaccessible to bears.
    • Fruit trees: Pick fruit as it ripens and keep the ground clear of fallen fruit. Contact the North Shore Fruit Tree Project for help picking your fruit at northshorefruittreeproject.ca or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 604.983.6444 (ext 640).
    • Backyard Compost: Learn more about composting in bear country.
    • Barbecues: Clean barbeques after each use. Remove the grease container and take it indoors to empty and clean after each use.
    • Food left outside: Pet food, fridges and freezers are bear attractants and should not be stored outdoors.

    For more information visit northshorebears.com



    Report a Bear Sighting

    North Shore Recycling Program Bear SocietyThe North Shore Black Bear Society's goal is to reduce the conflict between people and bears and to encourage co-existence through education, support and cooperation. Help us generate accurate bear sighting statistics: report a bear sighting.