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Increase Your Building's Recycling

Blue CartNorth Shore Recycling Program provides free on-site assessments and consultation to residents, building and property managers and strata councils to help increase recycling rates and reduce contamination in apartments, townhouses and condos.

To book a visit click here.

A recycling expert will come to your building and:

  • Help identify barriers that are affecting recycling rates
  • Provide proper signs to help residents
  • Educate residents and staff about how to reduce waste and recycle more
  • Provide information about banned materials and help set up systems to recycle properly

By reducing the amount of waste going into the garbage, buildings can reduce hauling costs and avoid paying tipping penalties.

For more information, to have recycling questions answered or to set up a free site visit, book online, call 604.984.9730 or visit the office at 148 East 2nd Street.