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green-can step-1How to Set Up Food Scraps Collection for Apartments, Condos and Townhouses

1. Start by asking your building or strata manager to contact your current garbage hauler and ask:

  • Do they offer food scraps collection?
  • How much does food scraps collection cost?
  • Is there enough space for collection carts?

If your hauler doesn’t offer food scraps collection give us a call. 604.984.9730

2. Ask your strata council or building owner to approve food scraps collection.

3. Once approved, tell your neighbours. Host an information event or deliver brochures explaining how the program works. 

4. Start recycling food scraps!

North Shore Recycling Program can help you every step of the way.  

We provide:

  • Contact information for food scraps haulers
  • Free site visits to help assess your space and offer guidance to ensure effective set up of food scraps collection.
  • Access to signs and other educational materials to help your building recycle food scraps.
  • Free site visits to help spread the word and answer questions. Call us for info: 604.984.9730

Did you know?

  • Organics (food scraps, food soiled paper and yard trimmings) accounts for 30 to 40 per cent of garbage.
  • In 2015 Metro Vancouver is banning food scraps from landfills, meaning everyone who generates garbage will have to have food scraps collected separately.
  • Over time, separating out food scraps will cost less than putting it in the garbage.
  • Most garbage haulers already offer food scraps collection. Click here for hauler contact info.