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Recycling Changes are Here!

PPP We-knewYour Blue Box now accepts more materials.

Since May 19, 2014, businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to B.C. residents have become responsible for collecting and managing these materials so they can be recycled.

Follow these links to find out:

What goes in your Blue Box, Blue and Yellow Bags.

What goes in your Container, Mixed Paper and Newspaper Carts.

Multi-Material B.C. (MMBC), a non-profit organization working on behalf of these businesses, is working with North Shore Recycling Program and the North Shore municipalities to continue to provide recycling to North Shore residents.

Want more information? Read our Frequently Asked Questions or visit www.RecyclinginBC.ca

West Vancouver Garbage Collection Schedule Changes

West Vancouver MapA New Year: A New Garbage Schedule for West Vancouver

The District of West Vancouver has made changes to the collection map. Please determine if you are in the light or dark version of your zone's colour. Your garbage will be collected when your colour is marked with a letter "G" in the calendar. If you need assistance determining your zone, please call (604) 925-7176 weekdays from 8:30-4:30 for individual help.

Please note: Recycling, Green Can and Yard Trimmings are still collected weekly.

You can view the map online here.

Green Can How-to Videos

The Green Can Program allows residents in the City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, and District of West Vancouver to set food scraps and food-soiled paper curbside for composting along with yard trimmings instead of sending them to the landfill with the garbage. These short how-to videos are designed to help residents get started.

Curbside Collection: Snow and Ice

winterIn the event of hazardous road conditions due to snow and ice, it may be necessary to suspend garbage, recycling, Green Can and yard trimmings collection in some or all parts of the North Shore.

If your garbage and recycling is normally collected from the street, do not place your materials on the road. Keep them on the sidewalk or boulevard and remove them as soon as possible after they have been emptied.

Kitchen Catchers

North Shore Recycling Program North Shore News PhotoThe North Shore News recently featured the Bag to Earth Small Food Waste bags for use in the Green Can Curbside Food Scraps Recycling Program. These bags can be used for collecting food on your counter or in the fridge or freezer through the week and will help to keep your curbside container clean.

For those interested in a cost-free option, simply collect your food scraps in 3-4 sheets of newspaper and wrap them securely into a bundle, like a burrito. These bundles can be kept in a container of your choice throughout the week before they are transferred to your green can on the morning of collection.

Please remember that food scraps are not accepted curbside in paper bags as they will attract wildlife – they must be contained in a regulation-sized curbside container.

For more information please visit greencan.northshorerecycling.ca.



Your Personal Compost Expert

Feed-Your-Food-CarrotsLearn how to
minimize common composting problems, set up and use the Green Can program and create less waste!
Click here to learn more.

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hether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you're guaranteed to learn something new and how to:

minimize common composting problems,

improve your finished compost and

take less garbage to the curb.


Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you're guaranteed to learn something new and how to:

·minimize common composting problems,

·improve your finished compost and

·take less garbage to the curb.

Toilet Rebate Program

Your old toilet is worth $50 when you replace it with a new 4.8L or dual-flush model!North Shore Recycling Program Toilet Rebate

The City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver and District of West Vancouver have teamed up with the North Shore Recycling Program to deliver a toilet rebate replacement program that puts water conservation to work - right in your home. Get your rebate today!

Click here and look under "Brochures and Guides" to download the Toilet Rebate Brochure for program details and the application form.