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Single Family Blue Box Recycling

Grey-Box-Set-OutNorth Shore Residents are great recyclers, with over 11,000 tonnes of recyclables collected curbside each year!

Acceptable Materials:

In our single-family curbside recycling program, we collect a variety of materials separated into three streams. Click here for a detailed list.

Approved Receptacles:

In our single family curbside recycling program, we collect only materials set out in approved recycling receptacles:

Blue Box

Our contractor will collect from a Blue Box supplied by the North Shore Recycling Program OR a Blue Box you purchase yourself or bring from another municipality, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • The box has a capacity of 61 L or less (you'll find this stamped somewhere on the box, usually on the bottom); AND
  • The box is no larger than 14 inches (35 cm) tall, and 15 inches x 20 inches (39 cm x 52 cm) across the opening at the top.

Yellow or Blue Bag

Provided by North Shore Recycling Program OR a paper bag filled with mixed paper and clearly marked as 'mixed paper'

Grey Box

Provided by North Shore Recycling Program.

Our contractor WILL NOT pick up recycling from the following containers:


  • Recyclables placed at the curb in any type of plastic bag, including 'blue recycling bags' collected by some other municipalities.
  • Recyclables placed at the curb in a Blue Box larger than those measurements noted above.
  • Recyclables placed at the curb in paper Yard Trimmings bags.
  • Recyclables placed at the curb in any container other than those noted above.

    How can I get approved receptacles?

    You can order a Blue Box, Grey Box and Yellow bags via our online form, by calling 604.984.9730, or by visiting the North Shore Recycling Drop-off Depot. Yellow Bags and Yard Trimmings decals can be picked up at your local municipal hall.


    Order Boxes & Bags

    Glass Box and Cart-01Need a new Blue Box, Grey Box, Yellow Bag, Yard Trimmings decal or recycling guide? Just click here to access our order page.

    Did you know...

    North Shore Recycling Program TrashMetro Vancouver has a material ban in place for all materials recyclable in the Blue Box - recycling is required in order to help us meet the 70% waste diversion goal.

    Questions about the bans? Visit metrovancouver.org.