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Overflowing Blue Box?

North Shore Recycling Program Crush Milk Jugs

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of (and into) your blue box:

  • Return your empty beverage containers to a Return-it Centre (see encorp.ca for a location near you) or donate them to a local fundraising group.
  • Flatten plastic milk jugs or other large containers by stepping on them before putting them in your blue box.
  • “Nest” smaller items inside larger items to save space.
  • Just because it ‘says’ recyclable doesn’t mean we can recycle it. Click here to find out what is acceptable in your blue box.
  • “Reduce” to save space. When shopping, look for items with the least amount of packaging. Click here for more "Reduce" info.

Remember, only 61L blue boxes are acceptable. Oversized blue boxes will not be serviced.

North Shore Recycling Program only provides one blue box per household, but you are welcome to put out more than one blue box. Additional blue boxes can be purchased from your local hardware store.


Order Boxes & Bags

Glass Box and Cart-01Need a new Blue Box, Grey Box, Yellow Bag, Yard Trimmings decal or recycling guide? Just click here to access our order page.