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Acceptable Materials

North Shore Recycling Program Recycling CartsOn this page you'll find what materials we accept in our multi-family blue cart program and what to do with the materials we do not accept. If you have an item you don't see here, check our Recycle This! feature.

The Multi-Family Blue Cart program consists of:

For large volumes of materials, multi-family residents also have access to the North Shore Recycling Drop-off Depot.

Recyclable Material:

Containers Cart


What to Recycle

How to Prepare

Do NOT include


Bottles & Jars

North Shore Recycling Program Glass

GLASS BOTTLES & JARS, including clear and coloured glass.

REMOVE.  Rinse lightly. Place loosely in the Containers Cart. Labels OK. Metal lids can go in the Containers Cart.

X Light bulbs

X Window glass

X Mirror glass

X Ornaments

X Drinking glasses

X Ceramics (e.g., plates, mugs).


Food & Beverage Cans & Tins Only

North Shore Recycling Program Metal

ALL FOOD-GRADE ALUMINUM & STEEL CANS, including pet food tins. Cans only, please.

REMOVE LABELS & RINSE lightly. Flatten cans so more material will fit in the Containers Cart and the recycling truck. Place tins loosely in the Containers Cart. Recycle paper labels in the Mixed Paper Cart.

X Aerosol cans

X Cans that contained hazardous chemicals

X Scrap metal, hangers, etc.


Bottles & Containers

North Shore Recycling Program Plastic

with any one of these symbols on the bottom:

North Shore Recycling Program Symbols

REMOVE LIDS. Rinse bottles and squash or flatten (if possible), then place loosely in the Containers Cart.

Labels OK.

Containers containing normal day-to-day household products used inside the home, such as bleach, rubbing alcohol, ammonia are accepted.

Containers are to be empty, clean and dry.

X Any plastic container with 3, 6, 7 or no # on the bottom, or that isn’t 'rigid', (no plastic bags, bubble wrap, etc.)

X Styrofoam

X Empty motor oil bottles

X Containers with skull and crossbones

X Containers for products accepted under Product Care.

X Containers containing chemicals used in the garage such as adhesives, fuel, solvents, etc.



Food Grade Foil & Foil Containers

North Shore Recycling Program Aluminum

FOOD-GRADE ALUMINUM FOIL PRODUCTS, including roasting pans, tart cups, pie plates, used sheet foil, bread pans, etc.

RINSE lightly to remove food residue. Flatten if possible so more material will fit in the Containers Cart and the recycling truck. Place aluminum foil products loosely in the Containers Cart.

X Aluminum pots

X Frying pans

X Scrap Aluminum items such as lawn chairs, etc.


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Mixed Paper Cart


What to Recycle

How to Prepare

Do NOT include


Boxboard and Mixed Paper (including clean pizza boxes)

North Shore Recycling Program Mixed Paper Products

100% PAPER ITEMS, including boxboard, phone books, paperbacks, junk mail, magazines, catalogues, office paper & envelopes, paper egg cartons, toilet paper cores, shredded paper (contained in paper bag).

REMOVE ANY PLASTIC LINERS, flatten boxboard and place in the Mixed Paper Cart. Staples & envelope windows OK.

X Waxed or foil-coated paper

X Juice boxes, milk, soy or rice milk cartons

X Bathroom tissue, Paper towels or ‘Soiled’ paper

X Wrapping paper (i.e. gift wrap, tissue paper)

X Photos or Children’s art projects (with ‘stuff’ glued on), etc.


North Shore Recycling Program Corrugated Cardboard

ALL NON-WAXED CORRUGATED CARDBOARD including packing & shipping boxes, corrugated packing material, etc.

CUT DOWN to fit inside the Mixed Paper Cart, or neatly tie bundles measuring no larger than 2' x 3' x 6” high (tie securely with string or twine - no wire or plastic strapping, please).

X Waxed cardboard (use your fingernail to scratch the surface to check for wax)

X Any cardboard pieces larger than 2’ x 3’

X Unbundled (i.e., loose stacks) or dirty cardboard

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Newspaper Cart


What to Recycle

How to Prepare

Do NOT include


North Shore Recycling Program Newspapers & Inserts

NEWSPAPERS AND NEWSPRINT including all inserts & flyers that arrive inside your newspaper.


X Mixed paper products

X Corrugated cardboard

X Any non-newsprint material or products.

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Did you know...

North Shore Recycling Program TrashMetro Vancouver has a material ban in place for all materials recyclable in the Blue Box - recycling is required in order to help us meet the 70% waste diversion goal.

Questions about the bans? Visit metrovancouver.org.

Download the Apartment Recycling Poster

Toilet Rebate Program

Your old toilet is worth $50 when you replace it with a new 4.8L or dual-flush model!North Shore Recycling Program Toilet Rebate

The City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver and District of West Vancouver have teamed up with the North Shore Recycling Program to deliver a toilet rebate replacement program that puts water conservation to work - right in your home. Get your rebate today!

Click here and look under "Brochures and Guides" to download the Toilet Rebate Brochure for program details and the application form.