Clothing and textiles - reusable


Don't just throw out those clothes! If you've purchased good quality clothing, you could re-sell it at a consignment store, list it on,, or, sell it on Ebay, take it to a local charity thrift store for resale, or donate it to agencies collecting clothing for overseas.

There are also a number of local charities that maintain drop-off bins around the North Shore, so why not ask your favourite charity if they have one.

The North Shore Recycling Drop-off Depot at 29 Riverside Drive West, maintains a number of donation bins at the depot site which accepts clean, used clothing (wearable and good condition, please) and clean, used, wearable accessories. They will also take toys and small housewares that are not breakable.

Also, consider donating old sheets and towels to your local animal shelter or rescue organization, as they are always looking for these items.

A few thrift store options on the North Shore are:

  • The Salvation Army, 241 Lonsdale Avenue or 1451 Fell Avenue, North Vancouver or 1582 Marine Drive, West Vancouver
  • The Good Stuff Connection, 154 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver
  • The Lions Gate Thrift Store, 128 West 15th Street, North Vancouver
  • SPCA Thrift Store, 1523 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver
  • Transcontinental Textile Recycling,, 604.592.2845

If you have used shoes in good condition, you can also donate those to various retailers, who ship them to neady people around the world.


    If you  have fabric that you don't want anymore, you may be able to donate it for someone else to make something with it:

    You can also contact the BC Recycling Hotline at 604.732.9253 or for other possible options for locations accepting these goods.