There is limit of 4 mattresses accepted per trip at the North Shore Transfer Station, and a $15 per unit charge is applicable for each mattress or box spring dropped off - each piece is charged separately (mattress is 1 unit and box spring is 1 unit). These mattresses are recycled and the fee they charge is to cover this. (large pieces of just foam - no springs, no layers, etc. - such as those used on some children's beds, are accepted as regular garbage, and not charged as 'mattresses') Visit their website or call 604.521.1715 for more information.

When you purchase a new mattress or box spring, you can also ask the retailer where you buy your new bed if they will pick-up your old one for reuse or disposal.

If they are in neary-new conditions, you might try offering them for free on a number of websites such as,, or  

Alternately, you can plan to have it recycled by contacting a local mattress recycling company: