Grass clippings

Grass clippings, are banned from disposal (as garbage) at Metro Vancouver solid waste facilities.This includes your curbside collected garbage. They must now be 'composted' with other yard trimmings.

However, before putting them out in your Green Can or Yard Trimmings, consider leaving grass clippings on your lawn after cutting, so they can decompose in place and provide nutrients back to your lawn. Alternately, compost them in your backyard, using either a Garden Gourmet composter (available at the North Shore Recycling Drop-off Depot, 29 Riverside Drive, NV) or a home-built model - visit our website resources page for composter building plans.

If you can't compost at home, then make use of your local municipality's Green Can or Yard Trimmings collection program, which operates year-round (same day as your regular garbage and recycling pick-up). See our Green Can/Yard Trimmings Collection page for details.

Alternately you can drop grass clippings at the Green Waste area of the North Shore Transfer Station at 30 Riverside Drive (minimum fees apply - see 'Greenwaste' at for details, or call 604.521.1715).