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Recycling for Schools

North Shore Recycling Program School Recycling

Weekly collection

The NSRP currently provides a weekly recycling collection service for paper (newspaper and mixed paper) and mixed containers to most schools on the North Shore, including all public schools and the following private schools:

  • Bodwell High School
  • Brockton Preparatory School
  • École Française Internationale de Vancouver
  • Kenneth Gordon (Maplewood) School
  • Lions Gate Christian Academy
  • St. Edmunds Catholic School
  • Vancouver Waldorf Schools

If your school is currently on our program and you have questions about the pick-up schedule or concerns about collection, or if your school is not currently on the North Shore Recycling Program collection route and you would like more information on what is involved in participating in the program, please contact our Contract Administrator at 604.984.9730 or via our contact form.

Collection Schedules

Download: SD44 CNV Wednesday

Download: SD44 DNV Thursday

Download: SD45 West Van Wednesday

How to

Most schools supply small collection containers for each classroom that can be emptied by students or staff on a weekly basis into carts kept in a central collection area. Blue boxes for collecting classroom recyclables can be purchased from the North Shore Recycling Program or from your local hardware store. Contact us for information about purchasing blue boxes. You may also contact us for signs and/or support with signs at collection points throughout your school.

Mixed Paper:

Place mixed paper in your mixed paper cart and place out as early as possible on collection day. Service time is between 9:00am and 3:00pm. For details on what is included in mixed paper collection, click here.

Mixed Containers:

Place mixed containers out on collection day in a securely-tied clear plastic bag next to your mixed paper carts. For details on what is included in mixed container collection, click here.

Recycling Signage

Contact us for signage for use in your school. 

School Programs

Visit our School Programs page to learn about how we can support your school with waste reduction, recycling and composting.