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Zero Waste Station

North Shore Recycling Program Zero Waste Station

Any North Shore community group can reduce the amount of waste their small community events create by borrowing a Zero Waste Station. The Zero Waste Station is best suited to small events (between 20 and 500 people). Events larger than 500 should contact a private recycling company for waste sorting, collection and disposal.

Here's what you get when you borrow a Station:

  • up to 10 collection frames - each Zero Waste Station comes with up to 10 collection frames- two frames per collectable material are available. Collection frames are lightweight and fold easily for transport, and the custom lids stack to save space.  Laminated signage and collection bags are provided with each Station.
  • 2 to 4 large flags or banners - Quality, aesthetically pleasing vertical flags and horizontal banners are available to increase the visibility and profile of your Zero Waste Station. The size of your event will dictate how many banners you will require.
  • attractive, easy-to-understand laminated instructional signage for each material type
  • clear collection bags, allowing you to check the station for contamination before you take the materials for recycling
  • our Guide to Creating a Zero Waste Event.

What kind of materials can you collect with the Zero Waste Station?

  • Beverage Containers - Beverage containers include bottles, cans and tetra packs on which you pay a refundable deposit at the point of purchase. Take these containers back to your local bottle depot to raise money for further waste reduction efforts.
  • Mixed Paper - Includes offie paper, cardboard and newspaper. Take this paper to the North Shore Recycling Drop-off Depot.
  • Mixed Containers - Includes metal cans, glass jars and rigid plastics #1, 2, 4 and 5.  Take these to the North Shore Recycling Drop-off Depot (Does not include plastics #3, 6, 7, plastics with no number or plastic bags)
  • Compostable Material - Acceptable material depends upon its final destination. Take these materials home to compost in your backyard, drop them off at the North Shore Transfer Station (fees apply) or contract an organics hauler (such as WCS Recycling) to take them to a composting facility.
  • Garbage - Includes any material that doesn't fit into the above categories such as candy wrappers, plastic straws, styrofoam, etc. This material can be taken to the North Shore Transfer Station, or, if only a small amount, included as part of your household garbage collection. 'Extra Garbage' tags can be purchased from your municipality. For a truly Zero Waste Event, consider re-purposing the garbage collection frame to collect additional recyclable or reusable materials.

I want to borrow a Zero Waste Station. What do I do now?

This program is now run by North Vancouver Recreation & Culture. Please contact them for more information:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 604-983-6575.