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North Shore Recycling Program Holiday Gift

Wondering how to create less waste this holiday season?

Check out these three helpful tips!

1. Reduce your waste with careful planning. Most waste can be avoided in the first place! Bring reuseable bags on holiday shopping trips, avoid disposable dishware by renting or borrowing what you need and choose products with the least amount of packaging. For more info on reducing waste when shopping, view our video on "Holiday Shopping".

2. Reduce by composting. Compost holiday food scraps in your backyard compost bin or Green Can and make use of the year-round yard trimmings collection or a local chipping event to compost your Christmas tree. Click here for more information about composting. For more information about reducing holiday waste by composting, view our video on "Holiday Composting".

3. Reduce when giving gifts. Consider “green” gifts such as a compost bin, bus passes, concert tickets or gifts of your own time. Wrap gifts in reusable materials (remember, gift wrap, tissue, bows and ribbons are not recyclable in the curbside recycling program). Click here for information about materials accepted in the curbside recycling collection program. For more information on reducing when giving gifts, view our video on "Sustainable Gift Ideas".

Holiday Shopping

Click here to view "Holiday Shopping" on YouTube.

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Holiday Composting

Click here to view "Holiday Composting" on YouTube.

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Sustainable Gift Ideas

Click here to view "Sustainable Gift Ideas" on YouTube.

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