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North Shore Recycling Progoram Halloween

Keep the Wicked Witch of the Waste Away!

Hallowe’en can create a lot of waste. Treat the planet better this Hallowe’en by following these simple tricks to make less garbage:


Instead of buying costumes, décor and other Halloween items – consider reusing or re-purposing. You can rent, borrow, swap or make your own costume using existing materials such as clothes from second-hand stores or items you already have around the house. Make your treat bag from an old pillow case, or use something you already own to match your costume – like a purse for a princess, a backpack for a mountain climber, or a helmet for a football player!


Hand out less treats to the ghosts and goblins at your door. Instead of a handful, invite them to choose one special item from a large bowl by the door by asking, “what special treat would you like?” Offer treats AND treasures, like seashells, pencils, rec centre passes, etc. Purchase treats and treasures that have the least amount of packaging - excessive packaging equals more waste going to our landfills.


When shopping, choose items that are made from recycled content or that can be recycled. Decorate with items from nature like fallen leaves, pumpkins, gourds and hay that can be composted after Halloween.

Have a plan for Jack

Pumpkins don't have to go in the garbage. Click here to find out what to do with Jack.



      How do I Compost?

      North Shore Recycling Program Compost BinVisit our Composting 101 Section to discover the secrets to a successful compost bin.