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Tips to Reduce Food Waste

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1. Write a list.

Out of your favorite midnight snack? Resorting to orange juice on your cereal? These tragedies can be easily avoided with “The List”. Write down the staple items that are running low, and plan your meals in advance so you don’t forget anything at the store.

2. Stick to the list!

Save time, money, and wilted celery by sticking to items on your list. See something on sale that you can’t resist? Make sure it can be incorporated into your weekly meal plan.

3. Shop in your pantry.

Delay a trip to the grocery store by eating food already in your home… this is a good way to finish up older canned goods or mystery meats lurking in the back of your freezer.

4. Make broth.

Impress your friends with homemade soup broth. One - throw vegetable trimmings (including peels and carrot tops), leftover meats (bones and all) in a soup pot with water and seasoning. Two – simmer. Three – strain. Bon Appétit!

5. Use up leftovers.

Bringing leftovers for lunch is easy, but what about the one-offs? Make bread crumbs or croutons from old bread, freeze fruit and add it to smoothies, or incorporate your leftover meat into tomorrow’s stir-fry.

6. Rotate items in the fridge and in your pantry.

Put the newest items in the back and eat the older food first while it’s still fresh and delicious.

7. Serve smaller amounts.

Smaller portions taste better. Ok that’s not true, but if you serve smaller portions you might throw away less uneaten food. Serve second helpings if your family is still hungry, and if not, use the leftovers for future meals.

8. Buy what you need.

Be realistic about what you and your family eat. Just because it’s on sale at the store doesn’t mean it’s a good deal – especially if you throw it out.

9. Freeze.

You’d be surprised at the types of foods that freeze well. Spinach starting to wilt? Freeze it and add it to your next pasta sauce or soup. Only a bit of dinner left? Freeze it for a fast snack or ready-to-go lunch.

10. Compost the rest.

Get your green on by putting vegetable and fruit scraps in the compost. Composting helps save landfill space and reduces green house gas emissions. For more information on backyard composting, click here.


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