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Reduce when Shopping

North Shore Recycling Program Shopping

To reduce waste, try asking yourself the following questions when considering a purchase:

1. Do I really need this?

Avoid impulse buys that may just sit in your closet at home and stay away from purchases that are just fads.

2. Can I buy this same product with less or no packaging?

Choose the least amount of packaging or ensure the packaging is recyclable.Take your own containers to restaurants for take-out food instead of accepting one-use packaging. If a food provider is unsure about using your reusable container, show them this letter.

3. Is this the best quality I can afford?

Choose products that will not need to be replaced after a short amount of use.

4. Is it rechargable, reusable, repairable or refillable?

Avoid Products that you will use once and send to the garbage.

5. What will I do with it when I'm finished with it?

Research the available recycling programs before you buy.