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District of North Vancouver

The following information is for single family residents with curbside collection of food scraps and yard trimmings in the District of North Vancouver only.

For residents living in townhouses, stratas, condos and other multi-family buildings, please click here.

Food is Not Garbage

Food scraps belong in your backyard compost or Green Can. This year, Metro Vancouver is banning all food scraps and yard trimmings from disposal. Learn more at metrovancouver.org/foodscraps

The District of North Vancouver Curbside Green Can Collection Program allows residents to include food scraps with their yard trimmings for curbside recycling.

Recycle your food scraps in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: 
Collect food scraps in a kitchen container of your choice.

North Shore Recycling Program Green Can Step 1

Step 2: 
Empty your kitchen container into your green can with yard trimmings.

North Shore Recycling Program Green Can Step 2

Step 3: 
Place your green can curbside on the morning of your collection day.

North Shore Recycling Program Green Can Step 3

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What Goes In and What Stays Out

For information on acceptable and non-acceptable materials click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ Section for more information on the Green Can Program

How to Set Out Yard Trimmings and Food Scraps

  • Place food scraps and food-soiled paper together with your yard trimmings in a 77-litre can or DNV wheeled cart with a lid and a Green Can decal.
  • Yard Trimmings are also accepted in kraft-paper bags with folded tops. No food scraps please.
  • Bundle twigs and branches with bio-degradable string or twine. No wire, nylon rope or plastic strapping. Place beside, not inside, Green Cans.
  • Max six items per week. One item = one yard bag OR one 77-litre can equivalent OR one bundle.
  • Max bundle size: one metre long and 30 centimetres in diameter. Max branch thickness: 7.5 centimetres.
  • Max weight per can, bag or bundle: 20 kilograms.
  • Material must be set out between 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. on the day of collection.

Backyard Composting

Backyard composting is the best way to manage your raw fruit and veggie scraps and yard trimmings. It's environmentally friendly and efficient. Every year, a household can easily turn more than 500 kg of kitchen scraps, yard trimmings and food-soiled paper into over 100 kg of free fertilizer for your garden! If you backyard compost, please continue to do so and use your Green Can for items that are difficult to compost safely in bear country such as cooked plate scrapings, meat, bones and dairy.

Buy a backyard compost bin online or at our Recycling Drop-off Depot for $45: buyabin.northshorerecycling.ca

Ask the Experts

Learn how to minimize common compost problems, compost safely in bear country, use the Green Can Program and create less waste. To book a free yard visit or learn more about composting, visit coaching.northshorerecycling.ca

Coexisting with Wildlife

The North Shore is natural bear habitat. Although residents will simply be putting food scraps into the green can instead of the garbage can, we can minimize human-bear conflict by managing our garbage, green can and other bear attractants responsibly. View our tips on being Bear Smart.

District of North Vancouver Website

For more information on the District of North Vancouver's Curbside Yard Trimmings Collection Program, visit the District of North Vancouver website.

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Reduce Your Food Waste

Reduce-food-wasteOne-third of the food produced world-wide annually is wasted, which the United Nation's says is 1.3 billion tonnes. That's a lot of food.

Fortunately there are some very simple steps we each can take to reduce the amount of food that ends up not being consumed. For information on how to reduce the food wasted in your household, click here.

Where do your Yard Trimmings Go?

North Shore Recycling Program Harvest Power

Watch Harvest Power's 2 minute video to learn more.

Order Green Can Decals

North Shore Recycling Program Order Green Can DecalsOrder Green Can Decals and Kitchen Container Decals online. Access our order page by clicking here.

Live in an Apartment, Condo or Townhouse?

North Shore Recycling Program ApartmentWant more info on food scraps collection options? Visit our Multi-family Food Scraps Collection page.