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Drop-off Depot: 29 Riverside Drive
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Yard Trimmings Collection

Yard Trimmings

North Shore Recycling Program Yard Trimmings

Yard Trimmings material is collected weekly year-round across the North Shore.

Food scraps are now accepted with your yard trimmings, in your yard trimmings cans. As yard trimmings cans are now for both yard trimmings and food scraps, they are called "green cans". Yellow Yard Trimmings Decals are still accepted, but any requests for new decals will be filled with Green Can Decals.

Acceptable Materials:

Yes (What We Pick Up)

  • Grass clippings, leaves, weeds, brush and branches
  • Plants and flowers (living or dead/dried)
  • Plant, tree or hedge prunings less than 3" in diameter and no more than 3' in length
  • Christmas trees cut to fit in container (no flocking, tinsel, decorations or stand)
  • Pumpkins after Halloween, broken into pieces
  • Invasive Species (with the one exception of Giant Hogweed, due to health and safety concerns. Please double bag Giant Hogweed and include in your garbage).

No (What We Don't Pick Up)

  • No rocks, dirt, sod or animal droppings
  • No plastic, glass, cans or paper
  • No garbage
  • No prunings over 3" in diameter or over 3' in length
  • No painted or treated wood
  • No garden hoses, flower pots or other non-organic materials
  • Giant Hogweed. Please double bag and include in your garbage.

How to prepare:

North Shore residents have the following choices for their yard trimmings set-out:

  • Regular garbage cans (77-litre capacity), designated as yard trimmings or green cans with official adhesive decals and with lids to keep water out in case of rain.
  • Tied bundles - less than 3 feet in length and tied with garden string or twine (no wire, nylon rope or plastic strapping, please).
  • Kraft yard bags - can be purchased from most local home improvement retailers. Food scraps are not accepted in Kraft yard bags.
  • The District of West Vancouver has limits of six yard trimmings cans, bins or bundles, including Green Can(s), per week.
  • The District of North Vancouver has limits of six Green Can items per week (one item = one yard trimmings bag, or one 77-litre can equivalent, or one bundle).
  • In the District of North Vancouver only, residents may use their own District-supplied 140-litre or 360-litre Schaefer carts, designated as yard trimmings or green cans with official adhesive decals. Schaefers are special carts only available in the District of North Vancouver's semi-automated solid waste collection system (call the District at 604.990.3892 for more information on Schaefer carts, or order one online at www.dnv.org)
  • Weight limits of 20 kg (44 lb) per can, bundle or kraft bag apply; for District of North Vancouver Schaefer carts, a weight limit of 90 kg applies.
  • Yard trimmings will not be collected for recycling if set at the curb in clear plastic bags.

Things to Remember:

  • Each yard trimmings can or green can must be decaled with a Yard Trimmings or Green Can Decal. Decals are available free of charge at the NSRP office, the North Shore Recycling Drop-off Depot, and your municipal hall.
  • Yard Trimmings or Green Can Decals 'permanently' designate a can as a green can or yard trimmings container.
  • Once a container is designated a yard trimmings or green can, it cannot be used for yard trimmings one week and garbage the next (unless the label is removed).
  • To help the crews distinguish yard trimmings or green can containers from garbage containers, please ensure that:
    • your green can/cart is set out with the affixed decal facing the street (for visibility);
    • your green can containers are set out at least one (1) metre away from your garbage (again, to help with visibility)
  • For large amounts of yard trimmings material, residents can drop off unlimited amounts of yard trimmings and untreated wood at the Metro Vancouver-operated North Shore Yard Trimmings Drop-off Site, located at 30 Riverside Drive, North Vancouver (click here for fees).
  • You can simply and effectively reduce the amount of yard trimmings material you set out at the curb each week (and maybe save yourself some time and money in the process) by composting, grasscycling and reducing at source. Visit our Composting pages for more information. Invasive species should not be backyard composted. Include these materials in your green can.